Downtown Newburgh Indiana

Newburgh Indiana is a charming town situated on the Ohio River, just east of Evansville.  From the 1850’s to the 1880’s, Newburgh was the largest river port between Cincinnati and New Orleans.  The town bet on the river business to be the future of commercial transportation, and Evansville bet on the railroads.  The rest is history!  Buildings and homes in Newburgh from that era remain, and are lovingly preserved and cherished today.

The intersection of State Street and State Road 662 is the hub of the downtown shopping district.  Historic Newburgh Inc is an active organization of community volunteers dedicated to preserving buildings, promoting businesses and organizing events for downtown Newburgh.  You can stop in the Visitors Center at 517 W. Main Street to learn more.  You may also enjoy which highlights the many wonderful aspects of  Newburgh neighborhoods, shopping, restaurants, community resources and events.